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Annual Subscription $613 (5 weeks FREE)


Monthly Subscription $57

Via Zoom

Be a voice people want to hear

Do you:

Freeze up when you need to speak on line?

Cringe when you hear the sound of your voice recorded and put

the results in the bin?

Lack confidence presenting so you say "no" to business opportunities?

This membership is a supportive place to explore and practice bringing your voice and message alive with:

Strategies to align your voice, message and intention in a congruent package.

ProTechniques to sound influential and credible.

Opportunities to road test your content and get feedback.


So you're ready to record, sounding confident and authoritative. Yur thoughts flowing easily and clearly. Happy to say "yes" to any opportunity to speak up and share your message.


Each time you speak up it gets easier – but it doesn’t get easier till you show up and do it!  Join us how.

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2 month program

Combined Zoom, online, group and individual tuition

2 month program that includes:

Weekly coaching videos you can watch in your own time.

3 One hour Individual coaching sessions over 2 months.

2 Group coaching session over 2 months.

An in-depth step by step process that takes you through how to

move from voice hassles and being uncomfortable speaking up 

to confidently and powerfully communicating your message. 

Banish the doubt demons.

Turn your message into a memorable and inspiring experience for your listeners.

Radiate confidence when you speak

Be a voice of influence in your business and life.

individual voice coaching


Personally tailored to your needs

Via Zoom or

in-person in Sydney

single 1 hr session: $397

Special 5 session package rate: $340 (Total $1,700) 

You might think great speakers and orators just “do it naturally”. Actually, they learn how to create magic when they speak.  There’s a path they follow and you can too. Learn to love your voice.  


We start by clarifying your immediate voice goals. For example: Freeing limiting voice habits such as sounding breathy, going high pitched when you get nervous, rushing and tripping over your words.  Next we will decide on the content you would like to focus on, such as: doing a voice-over for your video, being confident to do FB lives, podcasts and Insta posts or having the confidence to speak up and share your idea when you are with people.


Then we’ll dive in! With a personally designed bespoke programme that immediately targets your goals. Each session will give you a clear step by step set of techniques to practice and apply between sessions.

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