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anne maree wilshire

As founder and CEO of Vibrant Voices, I have been empowering speakers, leaders, Business owners and CEOs for over 25 years, to connect and engage deeply with the authentic voice and confidently speak with presence, credibility and persuasive power.

I have synthesised decades of practical and academic experience and 10 years working in media, TV and PR into my program “The Confident Voice”. 


These programs include coaching and workshops using a tool kit of techniques and micro-habits that quickly free clients voice problems and transform their voice into a powerful tool that resonates and animates their unique message so they become a voice of influence in their business.

"I have just attended Anne Maree's"Confidence Workshop".  Wow! I'd recommend it to anyone"


"Anybody who works with Anne Maree should feel lucky to work with such a beautiful, caring, professional coach. I know I'm blessed to have done so. She's inspirational, quirky, and knows her stuff"



"Her extensive knowledge in so many techniques, skills and strategies has enable me to have a library of tools which I use when I'm singing, acting or dancing and in everyday life!"


"I'm delighted to say the amount of improvement in my vocal ability is quite substantial.  Her way of adjusting her teaching to suite my personal way of learning made the process so much easier.  She's helped me find my confidence in my own voice, which was my major goal when I started.  Highly recommended!"


"By the end of my very first session with Anne Maree I felt like I'd known her forever. There's no substitute for feeling completely at ease and comfortable with your coach! Her extensive experience, theoretical knowledge and share intuitive perception helped me trust her implicitly.

Her beautifully centred and holistic approach inspires mindfulness and deep authentic learning in the session and beyond. Anne Maree, you rock!"


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