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I help speakers, leaders and business owners to use their voice powerfully & present with confidence, authenticity & authority, through my Confident Voice programmes & individual coaching, online and face to face.

Being able to speak up with authority, record videos, present in online media, is now a fundamental skill in a successful business or career. Yet for many people it's a nightmare. They stay quiet and watch opportunities pass them by.

I hear so many stories from people who are so glued to their notes for fear of not remembering the "right words" that they sound disconnected. Or they're embarrassed by an attack of "croaky voice" or "twisted tongue" and people stop listening. Or they get nervous and sound squeaky and weak and as one client said "the doubts and demons in my head were having a party while I was talking". 

It's time to be able to speak up and present with the same relaxed and unique sense of "you" that you have when speaking to those you trust. 

Through my programme The Confident Voice, you can find your natural voice of authority, trust it will always there and structure your content so you connect authentically with your audience. 


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